The mainstream media and the left need to stop their fear-mongering – white nationalism is not on the rise in Canada or the US, and this is not why Donald Trump won the US election. And no, the millions of people who voted for Trump aren’t hillbilly, pitchfork-wielding racists.

Donald Trump won the US election because he represented much needed change. Yes, he said some terrible things, but Americans didn’t care; there were much more important issues at hand.

Years of broken promises, secrecy, and the forcing of leftist ideology and political correctness on the country by the government and the mainstream media resulted in a strong distrust amongst Americans.

As a Canadian, does this sound familiar to you?

A Trump-like movement is destined to happen in Canada if the current Liberal government and mainstream media continue on the path they’re currently on.

It’s been a year since Justin Trudeau and the Liberals won a majority government in Canada. According to, the Liberals made over 220 promises during the election. Within a year in government, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have already broken dozens of promises, particularly to those who voted them in.

“Short-term deficits of less than $10 million in 2016 and 2017.” Nope.

“Tackling climate change.” Nope.

“A friend of the public service.” Keep dreaming.

What exactly did Trudeau mean by “Canada is back” anyways?

The Trudeau government is all style and no substance. They’re distracting Canadians from the real issues with selfies, celebrity cameos, and emphatic gestures.

But the Trudeau government can’t take all the credit for this brilliant act of distraction. Mainstream media outlets in Canada have tried their best to ensure all Canadians see the “brilliance” that is Justin Trudeau.

A $29.4 Billion Deficit? Who cares? Justin Trudeau took his shirt off!

Canada restored funds to a pro-Hamas organization? Boring! Justin Trudeau thanked a Syrian refugee for making chocolate!

The Liberals are introducing a carbon tax that will cost the average Canadian household thousands of dollars a year? …Ok but actor Megan Markle shared an Instagram photo with Justin Trudeau!

This could go on forever…

Climate change, open borders, third wave feminism, etc – all of these left wing initiatives are jammed down the throats of Canadians by the mainstream media and the Liberal government.

Most Canadians won’t pay too much attention to these left wing initiatives until it directly affects them – when “green initiatives” costs Canadians thousands of dollars and even their jobs, when terror strikes due to the lack of security and immigration policies, when gender and race have precedence over merit.

Justin Trudeau is still enjoying favourable poll numbers because Canadians haven’t been given the chance to see how incompetent this government is. But it’s just a matter of time.

Canadians aren’t idiots. Like our American counterparts, Canadians will start questioning the Liberal government’s competency and the media’s fluff coverage of Justin Trudeau.

It will be a Trump-like Candidate that will take advantage of this broken relationship.