Accusations of “fake news” have been all the rage down south in the aftermath of their 2016 election. But it appears we have our own fake news right here in Canada.

Remember Trudeau’s “cash-for-access” fundraisers? You know, the ones at which wealthy Chinese billionaires give huge donations to the Liberal Party and the Trudeau Foundation in exchange for exclusive access to Trudeau and Liberal Ministers?

Understandably, those were under some heavy scrutiny recently.

The Liberals have responded – at least, according to the Globe & Mail – by ending them. Their headline today screams:

Trudeau to end controversial cash-for-access fundraisers


One problem: that is not at all what is happening. And their own article proves it!

All they are really doing is supposedly “lift[ing] the veil of secrecy from these political events”.

The changes being proposed – and again, these points are pulled from the very article with the misleading headline – are:

  • All fundraisers must be conducted in publicly accessible spaces rather than private homes or clubs.
  • These fundraisers must be publicly advertised in advance.
  • A public report on each individual fundraiser must be released in a timely manner. These reports would detail how many people attended and how much was raised.

Ok, fine.

Here is a factual summary of events for people who may have forgotten:

  • After campaigning on being open and transparent and fair to the middle class, Justin Trudeau began holding exclusive, cash-for-access fundraisers with wealthy people.
  • As a result, the Ethics Commissioner opened an investigation.
  • Trudeau and his House Leader spent weeks (months!) defending the fundraisers in the House of Commons, claiming they had done nothing wrong.
  • Only after being berated and called out in the House of Commons and in the media, they now come out with these new “rules” that we are supposed to trust them to abide by and voluntarily report on.

The fact is, Trudeau – or, probably more accurately, his top adviser Gerald Butts – thinks Canadians are stupid.

They think Canadians will forgive them, after they broke the rules and illegally raised untold amounts of cash, because they have proposed some new rules.

Just like they hope Canadians will ignore all the Liberal scandals and Trudeau’s trillion dollar debt because Justin goes out on a selfie tour and “really puts himself out there!”

The question is – are Canadians that stupid? Are you that stupid?

One thing is for certain, the Globe & Mail is that stupid. They happily published the completely misleading headline mentioned above.

And the fact that the headline was completely disproven by simply looking at the details didn’t stop some of Canada’s top “journalists” from repeating the headline as if it were fact:


So it turns out we do have fake news in Canada. It’s called the mainstream media.



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