In 2009, in response to the worldwide economic recession, the Conservatives had to engage in serious deficit spending.

However, they had a reasonable plan to pay it back. And they did. By 2015, the books were balanced and Finance Canada indicated that Canada was on track to be completely debt-free by 2037.

But now Trudeau is in charge. And rather than paying off debt, he is racking up debt at unheard of levels.

Finance Canada’s latest projections indicate that Trudeau will be racking up over one and a half trillion dollars (that’s $1,500,000,000,000) in the coming years.

This chart shows Harper’s projections vs Trudeau’s:


Jarring, isn’t it?

Eh, who cares. It’ll be our grandkids that have to pay it back! Hah!

Thanks, Liberal voters. You did it.

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