Last night we all watched as our World Junior hockey team gave it their all, but ultimately lost in a shootout to the U.S. in the gold medal game.

But where was our Prime Minister last night?

Many of you will remember how Stephen Harper supported our hockey teams. Hell, he was at most of the games!

And indeed he was active last night, tweeting his support and congratulations to our boys:

But where was Trudeau?

On Christmas vacation. Yes, still. On January 5.

In fact, Trudeau has been vacationing in the Bahamas for well over a week now. His office actually tried to keep this a secret because they know how bad it looks!

Trudeau has said that 2017 marks a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to celebrate Canada. But he chose to ring in this historic year in the Caribbean Islands. And to watch our gold medal hockey game from afar.

We shouldn’t be surprised though. In his first year in office, Trudeau took ten vacations!

When was the last time you got 10 vacations in a year?

Must be nice to be able to travel on the taxpayer dime.

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