A new Forum Research poll has Kevin O’Leary leading – from every angle.

When O’Leary entered the race last week, we speculated that he would take the optical lead – that is, people outside the Party would recognize his name, and therefore make him the front-runner – and generate headlines as a result.

But we were skeptical that he would take the lead with the rank-and-file, the CPC members who are actually able to vote for and elect the new leader. But it turns out he is.

Even among CPC members, O’Leary has a commanding lead:

In fact, he appears to be more popular with people that hold CPC memberships than with those who don’t.

And the second most popular option among CPC members? “Someone else.”

Also quite surprising is that Lisa Raitt is placing second to O’Leary, ahead of both Bernier, Scheer, and Leitch – and, apparently, O’Toole, who didn’t even register on the list.

Check out the whole poll here.

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