Sounds like trouble in Toronto for the Liberals.

The Hill Times is reporting today:

Several members of the federal Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association executive are threatening to resign or won’t seek another term because of how they’re being treated by rookie Grit MP Julie Dabrusin’s office staff…

This isn’t the first time the Liberal higher-ups have treated their grassroots members with disdain.

In the lead-up to the 2015 election, the party was accused of parachuting Andrew Leslie into the riding of Orléans.

Members showed up at the nomination meeting and ripped up their membership cards! In fact, things got so messy that physical fights broke out and the police needed to be called to maintain order!

But the event turned into a political embarrassment for Leslie when his only rival, Ottawa lawyer David Bertschi, showed up with some angry supporters to complain that the party had acted undemocratically last month in disqualifying him from seeking the nomination.


“Shame, shame, shame,” some of those Liberals chanted as it became clear that Leslie was about to be acclaimed without a fight from his rival.

It’s clear the Liberal Party needs to start treating its local crews with more respect… or they’ll be seeing more of these threats in the future.

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