Big news from yesterday – a tearful grandmother caught up with Trudeau at one of his partisan but government-funded “town hall” events that he is putting on to distract from his cash-for-access and Christmas-in-the-Bahamas scandals.

It was a very emotional moment as the grandmother explained how the insane cost of hydro has left her impoverished with only $65 left every two weeks to feed her family.

Watch it here – and be sure to listen to Trudeau’s awkward, flippant response:

In his long-winded and substance-free reply, Trudeau usefully mentioned that the Liberals haven’t even introduced their national carbon tax yet.

“Tough it up lady, it’s only going to get worse!”

After the event, in typical Trudeau style, he embraced the woman.

Now, some people on Twitter are positing that the hug indicated the woman was actually planted by Trudeau’s people and the whole interaction was staged.

We doubt that, for two reasons.

One, having old photos with Trudeau doesn’t mean she was a plant – it is perfectly reasonable to assume that she is a former supporter, and, like millions of other Canadians, is now realizing her grave error.

Two, why would they stage something that made Trudeau look so bad? Why was Trudeau not prepared with an answer that had even an ounce of substance? He would have to have the most inept advisers of all time. Then again, he is advised by Gerry Butts, so, who knows…

Our big question is – what could Trudeau possibly be saying to this poor woman as they embrace? What could suntanned Trudeau, the trust fund baby fresh off his prolonged vacation on a billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas, possibly be saying to this grandmother who is living in poverty and looking for help?

What is he going to do – slip her a fifty? Promise her that he’ll help like he did during the election?

We think it’s time for a caption contest. Let us know in the comments or on social media (FBTW) what you think Trudeau said to this poor woman.


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