Prominent American author Sam Harris once said “the freedom to think out loud on certain topics, without the fear being hounded into hiding or killed, has already been lost”.

Unfortunately, it appears as though this holds true here in Canada as well.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees every Canadian citizen the right of thought, opinion, and expression.  

Nowhere in our Charter does it say we have to agree with one another.

Yet time and time again, the left, the mainstream media, and even some politicians, completely disregard this right.

Rather than letting Canadians generate their own opinions about certain issues, screeching “activists” on the left stifle the opinions of those they disagree with through violence and intimidation. And the media and politically correct politicians agree with them.

These cowards pride themselves on getting groups banned, inflicting violence on those they disagree with, and shutting down peaceful rallies.

But the media and weak-willed politicians support them every single time.

Why is it when the right organizes rallies, the media calls them “far right” and politicians feel they’re deserving of condemnation?

This happened while the “counter protestors” of the left pelted police with smoke bombs, fireworks and glass bottles.

But what happens when the right counter protests a rally organized by the left? She gets punched in the face by a cowardly thug.

Does the media call anyone “far left”? Did any politicians condemn the idiot that punched a woman in the face? No, of course not.

Canadians do not need the darlings of the left to police our thoughts, and to tell us what’s right or what’s wrong.

If you’re a Nazi, you’re a terrible human being – but you have a right to express your dumb opinion.

If you think Sharia Law is the best thing since sliced bread, you’re delusional – but you have a right to express your opinion.

Only when horrendous people are allowed to speak, can their worldviews be seen for what they are. We should encourage these people to articulate their thoughts so we can condemn them.

Canadians are smart. We’re able to form our own opinions based on reason and judgement.

Sensationalistic news media and weak, opportunistic politicians should figure that out.

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