Liberals and Conservatives tied in nationwide poll

Liberals "losing younger voters" - Huffington Post Wow - the latest federal poll has the two parties tied nationally! The Liberals have lost a third of their voters since 2015. And perhaps most notably: "More Canadians (46 per cent) disapprove of the job Mr. Trudeau...

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Trudeau’s disgusting reply

Big news from yesterday - a tearful grandmother caught up with Trudeau at one of his partisan but government-funded "town hall" events that he is putting on to distract from his cash-for-access and Christmas-in-the-Bahamas scandals. It was a very emotional moment as...

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Liberal Cabinet shuffle

Justin Trudeau, desperate to change the channel from his long list of recent scandals – including spending his prolonged Christmas break on a billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas – shuffled his cabinet today.

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Justin’s prolonged Christmas vacation

Last night we watched as our Junior team gave it their all, but unfortunately lost in a shootout to the U.S. in the gold medal game.

But where was our Prime Minister last night?

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Harper vs Trudeau in one chart

In 2009, in response to the worldwide economic recession, the Conservatives had to engage in serious deficit spending. However, they had a reasonable plan to pay it back. And they did. By 2015, the books were balanced and Finance Canada indicated that Canada was on...

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The Rise of a Trump-like Movement in Canada

The mainstream media and the left need to stop their fear-mongering – white nationalism is not on the rise in Canada or the US, and this is not why Donald Trump won the US election.

Donald Trump won the US election because he represented much needed change. Yes, he said some terrible things, but Americans didn’t care; there were much more important issues at hand.

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