Pledge to oust Justin Trudeau in 2019!

Justin Trudeau has done some terrible things since taking power.

He has raised taxes, opened our borders to Mexican criminals and fraudulent refugees, piled trillions of dollars of debt onto Canadians, and broken all of his core election promises.

But now, he has actually gone too far…

Justin Trudeau has quietly paid $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, the convicted terrorist who killed an unarmed American medic, and who built bombs that killed at least 97 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Trudeau also plans to apologize to Khadr.

This is a disgusting insult to our men and women in uniform.

It is a slap in the face to our American friends and the family of Christopher Speer, whom Khadr killed.

This is an insult to every Canadian.

And for us, it’s the last straw.

We’re not going to ask you for money. We’re not going to ask you to sign a petition – there are plenty of those online already (and frankly it’s too late for that anyway, since the $10.5 million has already been paid.)

What we’re going to do is ask you to join us in our effort to do the one thing that will actually stop Trudeau’s mission to destroy Canada: pledge to oust him in 2019. 

Sign up below, and we’ll keep you informed. We’ll let you know how you can work to ensure that Justin Trudeau will be stopped at the earliest possible opportunity.


Canadian Conservatives is an independent group and not affiliated with any political party.

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